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Our Story

Our Story

Flavor | Tradition | Celebration

ZAMBEZI BILTONG is an all-new way to snack for those who are looking for a delicious and healthy way to fuel a life full of flavor! Hailing from southern Africa, the founders of Zambezi Biltong are inspired by methods and recipes passed down for countless generations. We’re proud to invite you to share in our celebration of global flavors and culture!

Zambezi Biltong is made from only the best 100% farmed beef marinated with six timeless ingredients that is then air dried and thinly sliced to perfection. The result is a truly authentic meat snack experience perfectly blended with todays protein-hungry snack enthusiast in mind.

Biltong is a meat preparation process that involves marinating beef in a recipe of all natural herbs and spices that is then air-dried.
No sugar.
No preservatives.
No nonsense.

Zambezi Biltong uses an original recipe native to Southern Africa consisting of 100% all natural ingredients, bringing you a traditional snack experience made specifically for todays protein-hungry snack enthusiasts. Our recipes and curing process ensures a consistent quality biltong and a mouthwatering meat snacking experience you can feel good about!