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Biltong: Air-Dried Beef - Zero Sugar

Shop high protein meat snacks, thats a cut above the rest.
It's like jerky without the junk.

An Authentic Biltong Experience

Our biltong recipe has been around for centuries, passed down by our South African ancestors. And, unlike jerky, it has zero sugar and is air-dried not dehydrated. Making it the ultimate high protein meat snack.

Biltong Benefits

Low Calories High Protein

fulfill your daily protein requirements without consuming too many calories.

Low In Fat

With an average fat content of just 3%, biltong is considered a lean snack.

Keto Friendly

Fits perfectly into a keto-based diet due to its low carbohydrate and high protein content​.

High In Vitamin B12

This vitamin is crucial for brain health and helps prevent anemia by assisting in the creation of red blood cells

Great Source of Iron/Zinc

Biltong, being a good source of these minerals, can boost energy levels and aid in tissue repair and muscle growth.

Naturally Gluten-Free

Biltong's gluten-free nature makes it a suitable snack for those with gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

Finally a delicious snack that I can feel good about eating! Love that it is free of sugar and all the junk that other jerky-type products have!


I'm impressed that this product has no sugar and so few ingredients. It's probably the healthiest meat snack I've had. It tastes great and it's not too tough at all.

Dab Bellrichard

Both flavors have no sugar, garlic or onions. This is a bonus for people with issues eating these ingredients. I have never found a meat-based snack that does not have these ingredients. Thanks for creating it!


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